Five Random Acts of Kindness To Get You In A Thankful Spirit

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  • November 16, 2015 3:45 pm

Thanksgiving Random Acts Of KindnessDo you ever have a Thanksgiving when you don’t feel all that thankful? One or more family members were hard to deal with or the stress of preparing a large meal really wore you out? Maybe you were just generally depressed and found it hard to get in the spirit. Random acts of kindness are a great cure for things like this, so let’s explore several little acts of kindness that can be shared with strangers as well as friends and family.

Five Random Acts of Kindness To Get You In A Thankful Spirit

#1. Smile at people when you’re shopping for the groceries to make your Thanksgiving dinner.

Holiday shopping can be stressful because there are so many people out and it can be difficult to find the things you want or need. It may seem like adding on the extra responsibility of making sure to smile at people would compound your stress, but it doesn’t. This changes your focus from maneuvering through the crowds to utilizing an opportunity to make someone happy or to make a stressful situation less so for everyone with kindness. Try it, and you’ll see how amazing it feels.

#2. While shopping for Thanksgiving dinner goodies, pay for the person behind you at a drive-thru window you stop at.

It’s a small gesture that makes everyone feel good. The person behind you gets a free order, the employee at the window gets to see someone’s face light up when they tell them, and you will know you made two people happy.

#3. Leave presents scattered among the popular Thanksgiving items.

It could be inspiring notes or small bills(with sticky notes or something telling people to feel free to keep the cash). The point is that it’s fun. 🙂

#4. Invite someone to dinner who can’t spend Thanksgiving with family.

Sometimes people have no family or they can’t get to their family on the holidays. Invite them to your family’s dinner. Talk about a great way to feel the power of giving.

#5. Fix an extra dish to take to a homeless shelter.

Provide Thanksgiving for those who need it most and add a little dose of perspective to your holiday at the same time. You aren’t just preparing this huge meal because it’s expected of you on a holiday, or because no one else in the family will do it, you are providing additional food to a very important cause. Maybe that extra dose of enthusiasm will spread a little kindness throughout the whole family gathering.

We often have many blessings that we forget to appreciate, even on Thanksgiving. These things may include our home, our family, or having enough money to have a Thanksgiving dinner. The most important thing that acts of kindness do is to remind us of one of the best things to be thankful for – kindness. The significance of this small blessing cannot be overestimated.

Can you think of any other ways to spread Thanksgiving-inspired random acts of kindness?

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  1. I read about a teacher who got her first graders involved in random acts of kindness by having her class collectively perform 100 acts of kindness over a 2-week period. The class recorded each act on a small heart and organized the hearts into a collage. Perhaps this is a way to get your kids excited about acts of kindness as well and introduce your kids to the great feeling from doing good.

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