At Hollins Gifts, we believe in faith, hope and love. These three are the greatest gifts given to man from God. Therefore, we provide beautiful and meaningful gifts to celebrate life with anyone and on all occasions.

Our gifts are:

  • Affordably priced
  • Uniquely and artfully designed
  • Fun, Festive, Uplifting, Inspirational and Spiritual

We are located in New Orleans, Louisiana where we often attend fairs and other events. Customers can visit us and see our gifts in person. It is a wonderful opportunity to have fun, get to know many different people, and to let people fall in love with our gifts. It is our belief that we relate to things when we can see or feel them. You find yourself imagining the moment that your loved one opens the gift, and they have to have it then.

Please feel free to join us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We look forward to celebrating life with you.


Rene T. Hollins


Hollins Gifts

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